8 years ago


In January 2014 we were asked by C&T (Collar and Tie) to work with China Plate Theatre on an exciting new digital drama project called ‘Macbeth – Blood Will Have Blood’. The project had two elements: an online digital resource for schools and an interactive performance of a newly adapted version of Shakespeare’s play for 9-13 year-olds.

We were commissioned to film 25 short scenes which would form part of an innovative one man stage show. Filming took place over one week on location at the old Spode factory in Stoke-on-Trent. The location provided many diverse indoor and outdoor environments – presenting us with numerous creative challenges in how we would frame, light and capture audio in each scene. On set our team worked closely with the Director (Paul Warwick) and Writer (Nick Walker) to get the best out of the professional cast.

Post-production involved firstly selecting the best takes and angles and then editing the sequences to create cinematic visuals that told a powerful story. These scenes also featured a bespoke soundscape and animated FX that ‘top-and-tailed’ each of them.

During the live shows the scenes were projected on a big screen on stage where the lead actor (The Porter) interacted with the on screen world. The shows have toured in theatres across the UK and been seen by thousands of school children to rave reviews.

For more information – http://www.chinaplatetheatre.com/macbeth

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